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Temple Jewellery Set is a complex and culturally significant jewellery type that has long been a part of the history of India's southern states. The jewellery is often made of gold and silver, and each item has intricately embossed images of gods and goddesses from south Indian temples. The Chola and Pandya kingdoms are when temple jewellery first appeared. At that time, it was made as a precious metal contribution to temples in south India. Temple dancers and devotees began using copies of this jewellery in their everyday rituals when it was decided that it should only be worn by deities and royalty. Temple jewellery also known as south Indian jewellery evolved into a religiously charged object and an indispensable heirloom in every south Indian bride's jewellery wardrobe over time. With modern modifications like rubies, diamonds, and filigree work added to highlight individual pieces and make them look heavier, temple jewellery is now making a resurgence in the fashion world. The complex design and cultural importance of temple jewellery are beautiful, but so is the skill used to create each item. Jewelers spend hours manually shaping each item, drawing influence from deities' beauty, history, and temple architecture. This jewellery type is a versatile addition to any outfit because it comes in a number of shapes, including necklaces, bangles, earrings, rings, and chokers. Temple jewellery is a great option if you're looking for a distinctive piece for a particular event or want to add cultural value to your collection of regular jewellery.

Why Choose Temple Jewellery Set

For traditional events like weddings, festivals, and religious ceremonies, temple jewellery sets are a classy and timeless option. The following are some distinctive qualities of temple jewellery sets that distinguish them apart:

Intricate Patterns & Designs:

Temple jewellery is renowned for its elaborate patterns and motifs. They include design elements drawn from traditional symbols, nature, and mythological beings. These carvings are made of gold or silver, and valuable stones like rubies, emeralds, and diamonds are used as accents. Temple jewellery sets are distinctive and expensive because of their detailed designs and patterns. Gold look temple jewellery set is even a beloved design for Indian women.

Traditional Look:

Temple jewellery sets are popular among brides and other ladies who want to infuse their outfits with a sense of tradition due to their traditional significance. They are frequently passed down from one generation to the next and are said to bestow luck and wealth upon the wearer. Temple jewellery sets are also employed in religious rites since it is thought that they call forth the gods' favours.

Materials Used:

Gold or silver are frequently used to make temple jewellery sets. In Indian tradition, these metals are regarded as auspicious and are thought to bring luck and prosperity. Temple jewellery sets frequently contain high-quality and pure gold, making them a wise investment. Also, the stones used in temple jewellery sets are carefully chosen for their value and quality. At Smars we offer gold plated traditional temple jewellery which has 1 micron gold plating and offers long-lasting durability.

Types of Temple Jewellery Designs

Intricate designs, meticulous craftsmanship, and the use of priceless materials like gold, silver, and gemstones are all characteristics of temple jewellery, which has been a part of Indian culture for millennia. The various styles of temple jewellery set that are on the market, as well as the components that went into making them.


The goddess Lakshmi coins are used to create the South Indian temple jewellery known as Kasulaperu. This neckpiece is great for brides who wish to maintain their unique and captivating bridal style because it is stylish, elegant, and regal in and of itself. It is constructed from finished kemp stones, priceless gems, and uncut diamonds most essential. Brides can opt to sport the traditional South Indian style and beauty by donning this neckpiece in a double or single layered design.

Manga Malai

South Indian brides frequently wear the traditional temple jewellery known as manga malai or mango mala. The exquisite mango shape of this temple jewellery, which gives it a touch of originality and charm, is one of its most notable and distinguishing features. You can choose to go with this magnificent Manga Malai beauty for weddings and other special occasions because it is incredibly simple and lovely in its design and style. For your unique wedding day, choose this ethereal Manga Malai necklace by hand, and dazzle everyone with your appearance and apparel.


In traditional South Indian jewellery, Kamarbandh is also known as Vadiyanam or Vaddanam. It is a lengthy piece of jewellery in the manner of a chain that is worn around the waist, particularly when a saree is worn. Every woman should own this piece of temple jewellery, and the greatest part is that it is now readily available in a variety of forms and designs fashioned with rubies, emeralds, and other gemstones. The Vadiyanam temple jewellery can be used to ornament the waistline and, of course, the bridal gown for those who choose to keep their bridal look classic.


Another important and beautiful item of jewellery that is a staple in Indian culture, particularly during nuptials, is the Vanki, also known as Bajubandh. The Vanki, a piece of temple jewellery that is a must-have for South Indian brides and is best displayed when worn with silk sarees with short sleeves, is a popular choice. Even if you prefer puff sleeves, you should select to wear this incredibly stunning Vanki jewellery with your bridal attire to make a lasting impact on people on your memorable wedding day.

Occasions to Wear Temple Jewellery Set


Weddings are among the most frequent occasions for which temple jewellery sets are worn. Particularly South Indian brides are renowned for adorning themselves with these bridal temple jewellery for wedding. These sets are a fantastic option for wedding attire due to their complex design and fine craftsmanship, which perfectly compliment the bridal trousseau.

Pujas or Holidays

Temple jewellery for pooja is common at religious occasions such as festivals and weddings in addition to weddings. These sets are the ideal complement to any traditional Indian attire, whether it be for Durga Puja, Christmas Day, or Mother's Day. They are a great option for a party dress, sangeet wear, and even haldi wear because of their versatility.

Bridal Wear

Each Bridal temple jewellery set reflects the rich tradition of Indian workmanship and is offered in a variety of forms and styles. There is something for everyone, from beautiful silver pieces to elaborate gold motifs. Brides who want to give their wedding attire an extra touch of elegance frequently choose bridal temple jewellery sets in particular.


Temple jewellery sets are another well-liked option for Haldi ceremonies, which are a component of Indian wedding celebrations. They give the customary yellow attire worn during the event a dash of grandeur.

How To Choose the Right Temple Jewellery Set

Temple jewellery has emerged as an impending trend in the world of fashion, inspired by gods and temples from the south of India. Selecting the ideal set for a certain event might be difficult given the abundance of possibilities available. Here are some pointers and strategies which will give you temple jewellery buying guide for your upcoming occasion.

Consider the Occasion -

When selecting temple jewellery, it is important to consider the occasion you will be attending. Is it a wedding, a celebration, or a religious ritual? Use a heavier, more opulent set if the occasion is a wedding or a formal gathering. A softer and more understated combination would be ideal for religious rituals and festivals.

Material Matters -

Gold isn't the only material used in temple jewellery sets. They are also available in brass, copper, and silver. Choose settings with expensive stones like diamonds, emeralds, or rubies if you're searching for something more opulent.

Budget -

Your budget is another crucial consideration to take into account when choosing a pair of temple jewellery. Temple jewellery sets come in a variety of price points, so it's important to know your budget in full before beginning your search.

Create Your Own Heirloom -

Temple jewellery sets are classic, enduring items that can be handed down through the years. To create your own heritage, use timeless designs like a gold temple-style necklace or a straightforward diamond temple choker.

Entire Look -

When choosing temple jewellery, keep in mind the entire look you want to accomplish. Use longer earrings that go with your hairdo if you intend to wear your hair down. Use medium-length earrings for an updo or bun that complement your appearance without overwhelming your face.

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Go no further than Smars Jewellery if you're looking for stunning temple jewellery sets that radiate elegance and sophistication. Our wide range of imitation temple jewellery sets with 1-micron gold plating are appropriate for every event or fashion desire. Also, we guarantee the highest level of quality and sturdiness with a one-year polish warranty on all of our gold-plated temple jewellery sets. We at Smars Jewellery are committed to providing elegant artificial temple jewellery sets at competitive costs. Because we know that everyone should be able to wear beautiful gold plated south Indian jewellery without breaking the bank, we have kept the cost of each and every one of our goods as low as possible. With us, you can shop with confidence and get the greatest deal possible. We make purchasing easy by providing a range of secure payment choices in addition to our competitive prices. Also, our quick shipping guarantees that your temple jewellery set will reach your door in no time. To locate the ideal temple jewellery set to add to your collection, don't put it off any longer and start browsing our inventory right away. Also, you can be sure that any questions or complaints will be immediately answered thanks to our superb 24/7 customer care.

Are gold-plated temple jewellery sets durable?

The quality of the materials utilized determines how long an artificial temple jewellery set will last. But with the right care and upkeep, they can live a very long time. You can be confident that the temple jewellery sets you buy from Smars Jewelry are long-lasting when you make your purchase.

How do I care for my online temple jewellery set?

To keep your online temple jewellery set looking its best, proper maintenance is essential. While some items can withstand daily usage, others might need particular care to prevent harm from lotions or perfumes. In addition to providing top-notch artificial jewellery sets, Smars Jewelry also offers advice on how to take care of them. You can check our blog to know more tips for taking care of your temple jewellery. Here We also take extra precautions to protect your jewellery while shipping by beautifully boxing each piece. After receiving your jewellery, it's crucial to store it properly to avoid tangles or scratches from other objects in your jewellery box. At Smars Jewelry, we want to make sure you get the greatest value for your money. Knowing how to properly take care of and preserve your pieces will allow you to wear them every day with the assurance that they'll be safe and beautiful for many years to come.