Top 5 Must-Have Stunning Gold Plated Jewellery for this Navratri

Gold Plated Jewellery for Navratri The Navratri celebrations are right around the corner and the vibes couldn’t be more blissful. And as we step into the divine casket of festivals with Navratri, the blessings are sure to follow. Navratri is the soul of Indian festivities and along with it comes the responsibility to step out in your best traditional outfits and embrace the culture with open arms. But does your gold plated jewellery match your traditional outfits for this Navratri? To be completely honest, nine days of Navratri demand multiple outfits, but not everyone has a matching gold plated jewellery set for every outfit. But don’t worry we identified the problem before anybody else and designed an exclusive collection of meticulously crafted gold plated jewellery sets to compliment your outfits this Navratri. Can’t wait to look at the collection? Let’s get started!

GOLD PLATED PEARL DROP MULTICOLOR MALA SET Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this set is fashioned from a sturdy brass alloy, adorned with opulent gold plating and lustrous pearls, this gold plated jewellery set is the perfect pick for the festive season. The necklace spans is 22 inches in length, secured effortlessly with a drawing string, ensuring comfort and adjustability. The necklace itself is a masterpiece of intricate work, adorned with a delightful array of colors. It features a series of circular textured orbs crafted with exquisite goldwork, each containing vibrant red and green gemstones. These orbs are seamlessly connected by elegant gold links. The lower end of the necklace is adorned with multiple strings of white pearls, which not only add a layer of style but also introduce a delightful texture to the entire piece. The accompanying earrings enhance the necklace's allure with their small golden flower centerpieces. The intricate goldwork on these earrings is a testament to the artisan's craftsmanship, and you can truly appreciate the level of detail as you take a closer look. These earrings not only add sophistication but also a touch of grace to the entire necklace set, making it a perfect choice for the festival of lights.


ANTIQUE PLAIN BALL GOLD PLATED JEWELLERY This set is all about understated elegance, perfect for adding a touch of grace to your festive attire. The necklace extends a graceful 19 inches in length, fastened securely with a convenient hook for ease of wear while the earrings are a delightful 1.5 inches in length and 0.3 inches in width, featuring an easy-to-wear push-back closure. This piece embraces a minimalistic design, with the necklace comprising multiple textured gold balls, each adorned with horizontal grooves across their surface. These balls are thoughtfully linked together in a delightful progression. To break the monotony of the design, a charming arrangement of cherry-like small gold balls is bunched together, adding a touch of playfulness to the ensemble. The earrings continue the theme with their leaf-shaped textured design at the top, from which hangs a gold ball reminiscent of the ones adorning the necklace. It's a design that effortlessly combines simplicity with sophistication.


Add an air of grace to your Diwali look with our Cute Antique Gold Round Floral Mangalsutra, complete with charming earrings.  The design is a harmonious fusion of tradition and contemporary elegance. While the earrings are 1.3 inches in length and 0.5 inches in width. The necklace's centerpiece is a captivating pendant featuring a golden flower with a radiant red gemstone at its heart. It's encircled by a delicate ring of larger flower petals, creating a captivating visual. The flower petals boast intricate textures, adding a layer of sophistication to the pendant. Green gemstones adorn the design, introducing a delightful touch of color. The earrings are particularly enchanting, resembling tiny golden lilies, with a striking red gemstone at their center. This necklace set is one of the finest gold plated jewellery sets in our catalogued collection.


The focal point of this set is the intricate pendant, radiating sophistication and grandeur. The pendant showcases three concentric circles of exquisite design. The innermost circle features a captivating purple gemstone at its center, surrounded by delicately crafted flower petals. The slightly larger second circle boasts a ring of layered leaves, enhancing the depth of the design. The outermost circle is adorned with a ring of textured golden balls, adding another layer of opulence to the overall composition. The earrings complement the central design of the pendant, featuring a similar gemstone at their center, encircled by charming flower petals. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this set is fashioned from a durable brass alloy, lavishly coated with gold plating and adorned with lustrous pearls. The design exudes sophistication and a sense of luxury.


The necklace is a true masterpiece, adorned with strings of pearls that cascade across its length. The upper portion features three pearl strings running side by side, while the lower section boasts five such strings. These two progressions of pearls are thoughtfully connected to each other by intricately designed golden links that beautifully resemble Goddess Lakshmi herself. The ends of the necklace are particularly captivating, where the dominant white tone of the pearls is elegantly complemented by the golden hue of the links. The earrings are a delightful representation of small golden statues of Goddess Lakshmi, complete with pearl strings hanging from the bottom. This not only adds to their visual appeal of the gold plated jewellery, but also creates a harmonious matching look with the necklace. It's the perfect choice for embracing tradition and grace during the festival of lights. The necklace extends a graceful 22 inches in length, which can be easily adjusted to your preferred length thanks to the convenient drawing string. The design pays tribute to Goddess Lakshmi and exudes an air of grace and devotion.
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