gold bangle set for wedding

5 Stunning Gold Bangle Set For Wedding!

5 Stunning Gold Bangle Set For Wedding!

Any Indian woman's attire and look are incomplete at major events without her favourite bangles. And gold is women’s absolute favourite! So, why not customize your overall demeanour? And style yourself with these stunning gold bangle set for wedding! When it comes to functions like marriage, engagement, bridal shower, etc, bangle sets give you a very personal touch. Makes you stand out from the crowd by adding elegance to your appearance. Let’s talk about our most loved bangle set for wedding collections!

1. Traditional Round Ruby Bangle Set

This bangle set with synthetic stone and kundan makes it very appealing as it stands out in traditional gold bangle set for weddings. It is exquisitely handcrafted to meet ultimate taste and perfection as you like it to be. Hence, this pair of clanking bangles are a little heavier than others.   As you can see, this alternate design pattern of a kundan followed by a synthetic stone keeps it this way to be both traditional yet modern at the same time. To make it a better and secured fit it comes in a screw lock!

2. Unique Pearl Gajra Bangle Set

This gold plated artificial pair of bangle set comes with synthetic pearls to match your twinkling nature.  It is one of the timeless pieces that offers you a long lasting, timeless wear. For a better and secured fit, these bangles come with a screw lock. It is both adjustable and flexible given the nature of its handicraft. So, dress like a queen and showcase the pearly exuberance of your gold bangle set for wedding!

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3. Stunning Emerald Cut Diamond Bangle Set

Wow! Yes, this has been a constant word of appreciation of most of our customers after looking at it. So, you had the same surprising response as well? We knew it! As truly as its name suggests, it is an amalgamation of elegance and unmatched beauty. Coming with a gold plating that does not wear off, making its shelf life really long. gold bangle set for wedding The stone used is American Diamond adding the spark and dazzle to your overall appearance. It is available in different flexible sizes while there is an important word of caution to not use a metal polishing cloth while using this gold set of bangles for wedding.

4. Beautiful Stone Bangle Set

It is yet another show-stopper piece in our bangle set for wedding collections! And why not? It comes with a synthetic stone and gold plating with sheer prettiness that you would never want to take it off! It comes with a screw lock for both adjustable and secured fitting on your delicate wrists. It might look heavy on the eyes but is so light weight like a feather when you adorn it. gold bangle set for wedding Our craftsmanship is visible in how perfectly and intricately we have weaved its design, placing the stone in an enigmatic alternate fashion - being very pleasing to the eyes! So, what are you waiting for? Add this to your newest range of gold bangle set for wedding without any further delay!

5. Gorgeous Gold Floral Bangle Set

One look at it is enough to make you want to have it! The drool worthy design with a finesse in gold plating, makes most of us a keeper of it. It is made up of synthetic stones and also comes with a screw look for proper secured fit on your wrists. As the name suggests, the design pattern is entirely floral. It looks good with apparels whose design closely resembles flower, leaf patterns. As said by many, it is an utmost beauteous pair of bangle set for wedding! If you are a bride, bridesmaid or a presentee in an important event or weddings letting the world know your design sense and exquisite nature through your bangles is a remarkable choice! And what’s better than showcasing it with SMARS gold bangle set for weddings!
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