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Top 5 Artificial Jewellery Set For Lehenga!

Top 5 Artificial Jewellery Set For Lehenga!

If you are about to grace an important occasion or function, it is so necessary to have your wardrobe ready. But more importantly, is to have matching artificial jewellery set for lehenga. As you might want to consider investing in artificial bridal jewellery sets over real ones.  Also, today imitation jewellery is a go-to option for weddings, birthday parties, pre-wedding events, and other significant, memory-making events. Also, the artificial jewellery set for lehenga is so pocket-friendly yet come in great, delicate designs. So, if you are looking for some stunning jewellery pieces to style up your lehenga, then we have got you completely covered.  Let's go and explore this vast ocean of stunning, chic and modern pieces of artificial jewellery set for lehenga!

1.Gorgeous Layered Pearl Necklace

With synthetic pearls and zircon, this stunning piece of artificial jewellery set for lehenga is perfect fit for you! The lock type for this is a lobster. It is our show-stopper, traditional handcrafted imitation piece of jewellery that is very modern and minimalistic. Also, it looks so regal and eye-catching, a wonderful statement jewellery for any big occasion you are planning to grace! artificial jewellery set for lehenga

2.Royal Golden Elephant Pendant Set

These amazing jewellery set for lehenga is made up of safe, synthetic stones that is gold plated. And as the name suggests, this design is carved to depict a royal golden elephant in a pendant shape. It is a composition of synthetic pearls and kundan which is handcrafted with love to complete your charming attire. This piece of imitation jewellery comes with an earring which has a push back lock while the pendant set has a hook lock. artificial jewellery set for lehenga

3.Grand Wedding Multi-colour Necklace Set

This eye-captivating and a head turner artificial jewellery set for lehenga is sure to cast some spells! It is made up of synthetic kundan, enamel and semi-precious colourful stones with a drawing string lock type for better, secured fit. Such an elegant looking artificial jewellery set is a perfect match for your modern yet traditional saree, lehenga look. It is more appealing if your apparel is also a multi-coloured or has the shades of green, pink and gold. artificial jewellery set for lehenga

4.Turquoise Kundan Wedding Necklace Set

An artificial jewellery set for lehenga made up of turquoise, pearls and synthetic kundan! Sounds amazing, right? Our statement piece is sure to make heads turn over! It comes with a drawing string lock which is highly adjustable and help you adjust the necklace to your desired length. What is more? This set comes with a matching piece of earrings! This flagship artificial jewellery of ours is totally handcrafted and intricately designed. This surely going to glam up your style quotient on that big occasion of yours! artificial jewellery set for lehenga

5.Rose Quartz Kundan Necklace With Jhumka - Artificial Jewellery Set For Lehenga

Do you love the shade and touch of rose quartz? If yes, then we have got something BIG for you here! This is a Rose Quartz set comes with synthetic kundan and pearls with a pair of jhumkas. These jhumkas have a push back lock whereas the kundan set has a drawing string lock for better fit. Let’s slay the night as a shining star with rose quartz firmly fitted as a statement piece on your delicate neck. These days you would be even seeing many of your OTT or webseries favourites donning such artificial jewellery sets.  Right from a minimalistic design to sober traditional ones, there is a wide variety of artificial jewellery set for lehenga to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best of both the worlds by laying your hands on these stunning artificial bridal jewellery pieces, which comes in both striking, delicate designs and lighter on your pocket too.
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