9 Amazing Hacks On How To Choose Imitation Jewellery That Looks Real!

9 Amazing Hacks On How To Choose Imitation Jewellery That Looks Real!

  Imitation or artificial jewellery is no longer taken as a piece of plastic or a sign of financial distress. In fact, it has become a staple style of statement among women worldwide. But the deal is how to choose imitation jewellery that looks absolutely real!

Why Choose Artificial Jewellery Over Real Gold Or Diamonds?

Just think about it this way – your wedding is upcoming. And as expected, to look ravishing and stunning on the biggest day of your life, you would very carefully plan your budget for jewellery! Rather than putting yourself through a financial crisis, how great would it be to invest in imitation jewellery that is pocket-friendly, easy to use, light-weight and of course re-usable too! Like many of them, these days are going for dream destination weddings and carrying real jewellery is a big deal. It comes with its own problems of security and seeing it doesn’t get damaged while travelling. how-to-choose-imitation-jewellery So, is it worth taking this big of a risk? No! When you have artificial jewellery replacing them with absolute ease. You should not worry about it anymore. These pieces of fashion jewellery give you the same look and feel like the real ones. As said, the real deal is how well do you differentiate between good and not-so-good imitation jewellery? So, let us know in depth about how to choose imitation jewellery without any further ado!

How To Choose Imitation Jewellery That It Looks Real?

We have asked the experts about it and here is the fine answer they have given.

Know 2 kinds of artificial jewellery

When buying artificial jewellery for yourself, know the fact about two different kinds of them are available in the market. One is metal alloy and the other is silver with the gold plating of about 2 microns. The metal might look as cheap and low-graded because of its quality while the silver one gives that finesse look. In the silver ones, real kundan is used while in the metal alloys, glass kundan is extensively used. Also, the silver artificial jewellery does not turn black easily and comes with a guarantee especially if it’s used for weddings. Silver artificial jewellery, the ones with 2-micron gold plating is the best investment deal for brides and even guests. They do not have to worry about how to carry them or not to get these expensive pieces damaged too. how-to-choose-imitation-jewellery Never compromise on its finish & quality! This is a thumb rule even when you buy real gold and diamond jewellery. Go for QUALITY! Look at the finishing – does it look real? Does it look really good, the way you wanted? Same with artificial jewellery too. There are a lot of qualities available in the market. Kindly do not fall into the trap of buying cheaper pieces, like say, the same Chandbali would cost you Rs.700 or Rs.7000. But both of these would have a huge difference in terms of quality and overall finesse. This is one of the most helpful tips for women out there on how to choose imitation jewellery that looks absolutely REAL! Expert Tip: Always inquire if the imitation jewellery is gold plated or not. Definitely ask for its warranty and about how it is made. Remember that machine manufactured designs sometimes looks odd in their finishing. The real deal is going for carefully handcrafted artificial jewellery. This gives you the superb finesse that you were looking for. types of imitation jewellery Go for brands that give you just that. SMARS Jewellery is completely handcrafted by an expert holding vast experience and knowledge in it. Look for the setting – whether it is pachi kundan, real jadau technique kundan setting or silver foil setting used. Please avoid using plastic stones and other fake crystals as they would not give that real feel and look when worn. Though you might not be an expert at buying artificial jewellery, it is better to always look up the reviews of old clients and customers before making your final decision.

Uncut stones vs glass stones used in artificial jewellery

There are so many artificial pieces of jewellery that use glass stones. They exude fakeness and looks tacky. Instead, go or costume jewellery that uses stones like topaz mimics the look of polki and looks real and genuine. So, how to choose imitation jewellery - always go for the stones just mentioned above.

Go for smaller stones over bigger ones

Imitation jewellery studded with smaller stones looks more authentic and real. Wearing larger imitation stones, might feel a bit off and give a fake look too. Always remember this hack when wondering how to choose imitation jewellery that looks genuine and authentic. how to choose imitation jewellery that looks real

Revealing truth – Silver >> Metal Alloys!

As said about by the expert, silver with 2-micron gold plating artificial jewellery is the best buy. This might sound expensive to you than the mass-manufactured ones but it is the real deal and that is exactly what we want to wear on important occasions. Also, go for hypo-allergenic and metals free of nickels, as it saves you from the risk of catching an allergy. So, whenever you are thinking how to choose imitation jewellery, remember silver is always at a higher priority than other metal alloys. Also Read | How To Clean Artificial Jewellery At Home!

How to buy fake diamond jewellery that looks real?

The answer is simple – look for higher zircon quality! Creating a fake diamond is far more difficult and would look sub-par immediately when worn. A better alternative to artificial diamond jewellery is the polki ones as it gives that real and authentic look easily. If you want to know how to choose imitation jewellery, then the following tips are a must! how to choose imitation jewellery that looks real

Always pay attention to details

Keep an eye open for details like finesse, intricate carving, closures – hook or lock setting, warranty, which atmosphere this artificial jewellery can be used, the overall quality. Pay the highest attention to the edges and see if the plating is fading or is there any clasping. If yes, it reveals poor quality artificial jewellery and we never want to buy it! Keep a tab on its weight too as you do not want to feel bogged down by heavier earrings or necklace pieces. Also, do a quick check of how your entire costume jewellery looks under a flash of light. Does it expose it or look real and genuine? Be careful about these.

Go for trustable brands in artificial jewellery

Now, how to choose imitation jewellery when there is a vast collection of it in the market. Choosing the quality one makes you look royal and classy. Go for the brands that have the reputation of making handcrafted imitation jewellery. They are the trustable, genuine sellers who give you value for your money. They give you assurance of high craftsmanship, good finesse and better customer service!

Choose quality over being mass-manufactured

Yes, it is right that costume jewellery is pocket friendly but it is not that cheap compared to mass-manufactured ones. If you choose the latter then you are simply compromising on quality! Do not go for those mass-manufactured first pieces. When compared, you might find imitation jewellery a bit expensive than it, but it is totally worth every single penny spent. Choose good quality stones and other metals, look out for non-pointy edges else it won’t stick onto your clothing. Hope, all these insider and expert tips would help you in knowing how to choose imitation jewellery that looks real, authentic and as shiny as your personality!
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