7 Simple Jewellery For Plain Saree that Gives You Extraordinary Look

Simple Jewellery for Plain Saree for Elegant Appearance - SMARS Jewellery

1. Gold Stone Necklace Set for Ethnic Look

One of the most loved ethnic jewellery sets is a bold gold necklace set that matches perfectly with a plain saree.  Do you know you can choose the appropriate jewellery to adorn your clothing that the border of your saree can greatly aid?  For instance, a simple saree has few patterns with sober sober colors. And your matchmaking jewelllery for the simple saree is our gold stone necklace set with its simple design! Simple Jewellery for Plain Saree Look at the beautiful piece of jewellery and tell me who can ignore it! This jewellery comes with an 18-inch necklace set and drawing string lock. The earring piece is 1.5 inches long with a push-back lock.


The simplistic gold ruby choker set is an absolute masterpiece. A very noticeable yet simple artificial piece of jewellery that might help you stand out from the crowd. So, do you want some simple jewellery for plain saree that stands out as a big fashion statement? Well! Then we have gold plated ruby choker set by SMARS. This is the ethnic jewellery set that will give you an elegant look and adds up extra essence to the overall outfit especially if the dress is a white saree. Simple Jewellery for Plain Saree Look at the floral pattern, aren't they stunning? If you're searching for more simple jewellery for plain saree, keep reading because we have many other lovely pieces of jewellery that will look fantastic with a plain saree.


Choose a plain saree with a floral gold bangle for the classical Indian style. Floral Bangles are formed of floral designs that are, as the name implies, closely connected to a chain that serves as the bangle base. You can choose a simple but elegant bangle depending on your preference or comfort level. By donning a gold bangle, you can give your plain saree a classical look. Simple jewellery for Plain saree The necklace is 24-inch long-form jewellery with a drawing string lock for extra safety. Even the earring will give a stylish look with its 1.7 inches long coin design.


A woman wants everything to be flawless while styling a saree look, and her accessories should be the icing on the cake. So, How do you accessorize a white saree? The answer is easy, simple jewellery for plain saree goes really well! And for that, we have Kundan studs with amazing stone designs from SMARS. simple jewellery for plain saree by smarsjewelry The stud earring is the essence of Indian jewellery and without it, a woman's jewellery collection is lacking. One of the most popular accessories for plain sarees is a stud earring for its boldness. SMARS offers stud earrings with elegant carvings adorned with precious stones and beads that look absolutely stunning.

5. Antique Gold Leaf Bangle Set for Best Ever Look

A plain saree doesn't go with all types of jewellery. The jewellery requires elegance to go beautifully with a plain saree. You may even come up with a question what kind of jewellery should I wear with a plain saree? Antique Gold Leaf Bangle Set For your best-ever appearance with a plain saree, you need SMARS alluring gold-plated bangle set. There is no equal match to the incredible craftsmanship, gorgeous design, and unbelievably comfortable wearing. We provide you with a bangle that is 0.6 inches wide and comes in a variety of sizes. We always think jewellery is a part of Indian culture and we provide the jewellery that goes really well with the culture.

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6. Intricate Stone Gold Necklace Set for Bridal Glace

This artificial jewellery item has a symmetrical circular form and an exquisite design that appears stunning when worn with a plain saree. As already stated, the color combinations of gold and plain white are stunning. Most people ask what kind of jewellery should I wear with a plain saree. Intricate Stone Gold Necklace Set We would suggest to you anything that looks as good as this piece of jewellery set. It is 18 inches long elegant necklace with a drawing string lock for extra safety. Moreover you will get a 2.3-inch earring set with push back lock and it will work like a cherry on the cake with the plain saree This jewellery will attract the appropriate attention. Have every opportunity of changing the way you look and act when this piece is gorgeously sitting on your neck. Therefore, this is the best and most simple jewellery for a plain saree.


Intricate carvings of Indian Gods and Goddesses are found on a temple necklace and the Goddess Laxmi multicolor necklace set is one of them. The jewellery designs have the craving of Goddess Laxmi which looks exceptional and gives you a traditional glance. When worn with a plain saree, they provide a very regal appearance. A priceless piece of India's cultural history is the temple necklace. You can use a temple necklace with your plain saree to get a royal appearance when you have an important event to attend or are getting ready for a festival.      
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