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5 Beautiful Jewellery With Silk Saree To Look Glamourous!

Use This Jewellery With Silk Saree To Look Glamourous!

Basically, pieces of jewellery are worn given their designs and how colour contrasted they are with the given dress or costume. Be it jewellery with silk saree, an Anarkali or a chic top & jeans, every occasion & dress has a well-suited artificial jewellery type. It is also a known fact that jewellery enhances the overall look of a woman and also accentuates the oomph factor when paired right with the dress type, style & colour. India being a rich heritage land, women here consider jewellery to be an essential part of their accessories. Without which their overall look is incomplete! Let us look at some of the jaw-dropping designs!

1. Beautiful  Kundan & Ruby Bangle Set

Let us perfect your look today. This statement piece of jewellery with silk saree would look astounding! Yes, it comes with a synthetic Kundan and other stones.  Apart from being gold plated, it also has a small kaleerien attached to its bottom making it more pleasing to wear. Also, these days it has become some sort of fashion statement jewellery piece.   jewellery with silk saree With SMARS, be assured to take your fashion level oozing out and our utmost craftsmanship will be the talk of the town. 

2. Gorgeous Layered Pearl Necklace

Want to add an extra layer of oomph factor to your demeanour? We have got you covered. This jewellery with silk saree would be so lightweight that you might even forget that you have actually worn it.  jewellery with silk saree With zircon, synthetic pearls and gold-plating done, it is surely going to make heads turn over and see you one more time. Be ready to be showered with continuous praises for how elegant is your style statement. All thanks to this piece of artificial jewellery created with our handcraftsmanship.

3. Gold Balls Kundan Necklace Set

This is what most modern-day fashionistas would suggest. Ethereal. Elegant. Royal! This is a Kundan necklace set with gold balls attached to it. It suits your requirement for jewellery with silk sarees perfectly. It is advised that when you are wearing such a fashionable piece of jewellery. You must not overdo your look.  Remember, more is less nowadays.   This jewellery with silk saree comes with a pair of stunning earnings. Necklace has a draw string lock while the earrings has a push back lock for proper and secure fitting.

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4. Antique Gold Long Pearl Drop Earring

A multicoloured, antique gold plated earrings - an awesome fit for your jewellery with silk sarees. As you can see, this design also has synthetic pearls attached to it giving a ‘nazakat’ look. This does not put pressure or bring down your ear lobes with its weight, instead, it is just 2.5 inches in length and 0.7 inches in width with considerable weight. The push back lock is given for extra comfort and a perfect secure lock.  jewellery with silk saree It is an undeniable fact that after gold and diamonds, pearls are the women’s favourite. And this  signature artificial jewellery goes well when contrasted with the right design & colour of your apparel.

5. Gorgeous Multicolour Jadau Cocktail Ring

Looks like five colours taken out of a rainbow and put symmetrically to fit into a ring. It is gold plated with 5 different coloured synthetic stones. Hence, it is a multicoloured cocktail ring. The word ‘jadau’ is taken from the root word - ‘jad’ which means to embed. All such jadau jewlleries has a lot of meenakari work at the back and takes a total 2-3 months to complete its entire designing & embellishments. jewellery with silk saree The ring length is 1.2 inches while its width is totally adjustable. In a way, this also gives you a perfect fitting. Stay alert! Selecting the best jewellery with silk saree might seem time-consuming but is not. Shop at SMARS and find the best of best pieces of artificial jewellery you have been looking for!
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