5 Common Myths about Indian Gold Plated Jewelry and the Truth Behind Them

5 Common Myths about Indian Gold-Plated Jewelry and the Truth Behind Them

For centuries, gold-plated jewelry has been a vital aspect of Indian culture. Not only is it stunning and elegant, but it's also an accessible alternative to solid gold jewelry. However, there are many misconceptions surrounding gold-plated jewelry, and it's essential to separate fact from fiction before making any purchase. Here are a few myths and facts you should keep in mind, to make a well-informed decision and relish your Indian gold-plated jewelry for years to come.

Myth: Indian Gold-Plated Jewelry Is Not Real

Fact: Indian gold-plated jewelry is a dazzling adornment crafted by encasing a sturdy base metal, such as brass or copper, with a delicate veil of genuine gold. The gold used in gold-plated jewelry is a real and authentic form of gold. However, the thickness of the gold plating can differ, depending on the piece of jewelry and the manufacturer, but it's still real gold. The base metal serves as a foundation that gives the jewelry strength and durability, while the gold plating adds the desired aesthetic appeal and color. To put it simply, gold-plated jewelry may not be a single piece of solid gold, but it's still real gold and it's covering a base metal that can be any other metal.

Myth: Indian Gold-plated Jewelry Will Turn Your Skin Green

Fact: There are certain situations where the gold plating on jewelry may not be as long-lasting as desired. When gold-plated jewelry is not crafted with superior materials, the gold plating may begin to fade away, revealing the base metal underneath. If the base metal is copper, and when it comes in contact with sweat and oils on the skin, it can create a chemical reaction that causes a green discoloration on the skin. Indian Gold-Plated Jewelry To ensure you avoid this, you can choose top-notch brands like SMARS which offers great jewelry options made with premium quality plating.

Myth: Indian Gold-plated Jewelry Is Not Durable

Fact: The longevity of Indian gold-plated jewelry is determined by a variety of elements. One crucial aspect is the thickness of the gold plating. A thin layer of gold plating may wear off more quickly, revealing the base metal beneath it. On the other hand, a thick layer of the gold plating will provide better protection for the base metal and endure for a longer time. The quality of the base metal is also a vital consideration. If the base metal is of inferior quality, it may tarnish or corrode easily, which can negatively impact the appearance and durability of the gold plating. Indian Gold-Plated Jewelry Well, in this case, hand-down SMARS is the best. We offer one year warranty and that's enough to explain to you the jewelry's durability.

Myth: Indian Gold-plated Jewelry Is Not Suitable For Daily Wear

Fact: Gold-plated jewelry can be your daily companion, but to preserve its radiance, it's essential to take good care of it. Like any other jewelry, Indian gold-plated jewelry is exposed to various factors that can impact its appearance and durability. For instance, exposing gold-plated jewelry to water, chemicals, or extreme temperatures can cause the gold plating to wear off more quickly. Additionally, certain activities, like swimming, doing household chores, or even applying lotions or perfumes can cause damage to the gold plating. Indian Gold-Plated Jewelry To ensure your gold-plated jewelry remains in excellent condition, it's vital to take proper care of it. This includes avoiding exposing it to water, chemicals, and extreme temperatures, as well as removing it before engaging in activities that may cause damage. It's also recommended to store gold-plated jewelry in a dry, cool place and avoid exposing it to sunlight.

Myth: Indian Gold-Plated Jewelry Is Not Valuable

Indian gold-plated jewelry can possess worth, but it is not as precious as solid gold jewelry. The value of gold-plated jewelry is determined by the thickness of the gold plating, the quality of the base metal, and the craftsmanship of the piece. Solid gold jewelry is made entirely of gold, so it is more valuable than gold-plated jewelry. However, gold-plated jewelry can still be a valuable and budget-friendly option for those who desire the look of gold without the cost. It's worth noting that gold-plated jewelry can be a brilliant alternative for those who want the appearance of gold jewelry, but cannot afford to purchase solid gold jewelry. Gold-plated jewelry can offer a similar appearance but at a more affordable price point.
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