green bangles set for wedding

5 Eye-Catching Green Bangles Set For Wedding!

5 Eye-Catching Green Bangles Set For Wedding!

No bride adorns herself beautifully as our Indian brides do. And for them, getting accessories from head to toe holds cultural and other importance. In this blog, let us see some eye-catching green bangles set for wedding. Before we begin seeing some stunning designs, do you know bangles have been carrying a deep traditional significance? Yes, they differ from community to community as well. The colour of each bangle has some meaning attached to it. For instance, a blue coloured bangle denotes wisdom, whereas a red coloured bangle signifies astounding energy. Similarly, green coloured bangles signify good luck which is perfect for marriage while yellow defines happiness.  Even the Mehendi you put is basically of green coloured henna which when washed leaves a dark brown stain. And henna is referred to as a sign of good luck. Hence, applied on all auspicious occasions by Indian women, especially during marriages & wedding ceremonies.

1. Art Deco Multicolour Stone Bangle Set

Are you a person with an affinity for colours, hues and shades? Then you have landed at the right place in search of green bangles set for wedding. Apart from green, it has another two or more colours to make it more vibrant and pleasing to one’s eyes. green bangles set for wedding Made with gold plating and some synthetic stones, the overall look is so bedazzling and sparkling. It adds an unmatched elegance through its handcrafted designs with utmost finesse.

2. Beautiful Stone Bangle Set

Here comes another jaw-dropping green bangles set for wedding. It is both stunning and affordable at the same time. It has synthetic stones and is entirely gold plated.  Its lustre and shine would not make you take it off any time sooner. And just keep adorning it and basking yourself in the prettiness it exudes.   green bangles set for wedding Also, to be noted, it comes with a lock screw to offer you an adjustable & secure fitting on your wrists. They are not heavy in weight but are very light, just like a feather.

3. Multi colour sleek bangle set

Yes, you read it right. They are sleekiest in design and multi coloured too. How awesome, right?! It is also light weight on your delicate wrists. Giving a great blend of contemporary & traditional design makes it an A1 choice for green bangles set for wedding.  It looks amazing with both salwar kameez and silk sarees, hence adding a lot of variety to adorn it.

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4. Gorgeous Gold Floral Bangle Set

This stunning and eye-catching design comes with gold plating. It is also made up of synthetic stones. Also, as the name rightfully suggests, its entire design it has very intricately done in floral format.  It looks amazing with different apparel especially those which resemble or have some floral or leaf pattern designs. Comes with a screw lock for a proper & secure fit on your delicate wrists.  Let us see another magnetic green bangles set for wedding!

5. Green colour bangles set for wedding

This lovely and vibrant design of green colour bangles set for wedding will win your heart! Its finesse intricacies indeed are a signature style for many to adorn on important occasions.  green bangles set for wedding The South Indian brides would love it and might be contemplating to add it to their big day trousseau. Let all the spotlight & sparkle be on you with these stupendous design bangles! Today Indian brides prefer wearing a variety of bangles, be it in gold, gold plated or platinum, diamond and pearls. But getting it in colour coordinated with your wedding dress, especially in the green colour is considered to be very auspicious. Above were a few astounding designs for green bangles set for wedding. Many more to be added to our existing & much loved SMARS bangles collection!
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