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5 Breathtaking Necklace For A Wedding Dress Just Like Alia Bhatt's!

5 Breathtaking Necklace For A Wedding Dress!

Less is more! Yes, this is the new mantra for many modern brides including the newlywed Mrs. Ranbir Kapoor. If you are looking for Alia Bhatt wedding jewellery and like her, you too would like to add a necklace for a wedding dress only after thorough deliberation and thinking. And why not? It is something that has to be pre-planned and highly taken care of. Let’s help you out in deciding the best necklace for a wedding dress that will make sure to give you a jaw-dropping reaction from others! Why wait? Deep dive into special handcrafted & much-loved wedding jewellery by SMARS!

1. Gorgeous Layered Pearl Necklace

Synthetic pearls with zircon along with gold plating are not only lightweight but add an extra oomph factor to your overall demeanour. It comes with a lobster lock to give you a secured and comfortable fitting. Also, it is rightfully said to pick up a necklace for a wedding dress after seeing if it complements your dress, especially the necklines. Better pick up that piece of wedding jewellery that covers the gap of your skin shown by the top or blouse. necklace for a wedding dress As you can see, this necklace is gorgeously layered with synthetic pearls which is our showstopper with lots of craftsmanship and unmatched charm!

2. Antique Gold Stone Necklace Set

This one is intricately designed and more refined to suit your taste of minimal yet traditional necklace for a wedding dress. It is composed of multiple synthetic stones and comes with a drawstring lock system. So, that you can adjust the length of the necklace as per your fit. It comes along with a pair of gold-plated earrings that completes your look. Though, the earring lock is the pushback one to provide you the utmost comfort and flexibility. necklace for a wedding dress Being one of the trendiest pieces of necklace for a wedding dress, it looks great with white-gold combo, neutral shades, off-whites and lighter hues of pink and brown. Looks flaunt-worthy, right? Look at it more closely over here!

3. Cute Floral Gold Necklace Set

As the name truly suggests, you would be loving the light-weight and super intricate design of this cute and floral gold-plated necklace set. It also comes with a drawstring lock, so feel free to adjust it to your desired length. necklace for a wedding dress Comes with a carefully crafted pair of earrings that would go well with your look. It has a push back lock for a secured and comfortable fit.  It is touted as the out of the box, traditional necklace for a wedding dress. Save huge on your pocket yet increase your style factor multiple times by investing in this floral gold necklace set for your wedding look!

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4. Gold Balls Kundan Necklace Set

It is always helpful to keep a check on what exactly you want to wear on your wedding day or someone else’s big day! Modern fashionistas today like to avoid overdoing with their jewellery and accessories look. Just go for a subtle piece of necklace for a wedding dress like this one! It has Kundan attached to this gold-plated necklace that comes along with a pair of earrings. The necklace has a drawstring lock with a push back lock for earrings. With a perfect hairstyle and complementing hues of wedding gown or saree, this will add a much-needed glamorous and ethereal beauty to you!

5. Turquoise Kundan Wedding Necklace Set

Wow! Yes, that has been the most common response from stylish brides and bridesmaids when they first set their eyes on the Turquoise colour of this handcrafted necklace for a wedding dress. Coming with synthetic  kundan, turquoise stones and pearls, it surely is going to give you a dreamy, heavenly look. This one too comes with a pair of earrings and has a drawstring lock and pushback lock to its necklace and earrings respectively. Turquoise blue is also considered to be one of the lucky charms at auspicious occasions. So, why not add this to your chic, stylish jewellery closet and be ready to flaunt it when it’s time! Let that fashionista sparkle within you! Not just your necklace for a wedding dress, but you as a person reflect that style, aura and charm that your accessories stand out for!
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