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5 Amazing Bangle Set For Saree To Turn Heads Around!

5 Amazing Bangle Set For Saree To Turn Heads Around!

Bangles! These are the earliest of all jewelleries to bedazzle our Indian women. With a love of sarees, a matching pair of bangles is all they look out for. To satisfy your fashion thirst, we have carefully and very precisely handcrafted bangle set for sarees. Hold your breath as we unravel some astonishing and intricately designed pairs of bangles that look awesome with the saree of your choice!

1. Art Deco Mutlicolor Stone Bangle Set

Are you a person who has a favourite dozen colours and shades? If yes, then you would love our collection of multicolor stone bangle set. bangle set for saree Made with gold plating and obviously different coloured synthetic stones, ready to bedazzle any look of yours!

2. Rombus Ruby Stone Bangle Set

Loving the arrangement of synthetic rubies on your light weight bangle set? We sure you do! It is very slender and does not have any heavy pattern that would go great with a saree which has a lesser pattern or heavy work. bangle set for saree If you want to keep your look really subtle yet modern, then this piece of bangle set for saree is your go-to solution! Being simple, chic and elegant it can be paired up with newer styles of sarees that have flooded our Indian market these days. Hence, giving you plenty of styling options to choose from.

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3. Multi Color Sleek Bangle Set

Did you say sleek bangle set? We heard you, and here’s multicolored bangle set which is so light weight on your wrists - feels like feather! bangle set for saree You have guessed it right. It is in contemporary style but also looks great when matched up with a retro saree look. Don’t believe us, then why not try it out! Being sleek means it has perfect width too making it uber easy and comfortable for salwar kameez and normal outfits too.

4. Bold Kundan Stone Bangle Set

How genuinely attractive and stunning these bangle set for saree! It is a sheer match for outfits like traditional wear. Once you wear it, you will find yourself drooling over it. Of course, seeing how well it suits your personality and overall look. Drape your saree and don’t forget to adorn these beauties! B.O.L.D kundan stone bangles made for a bold beauty queen like you!

5. Sleek Ruby Bangle Set

Timeless designs have been a centre piece of attraction. They have been celebrated over the ages! With a design like this, we have carefully kept in mind to craft something ominous.  And that came up as a sleek, light-weight bangle set for saree attached with synthetic rubies. This absolute gorgeousness is a must-pick for wedding attires, sarees, and other traditional wears during festivities. And we are sure it is going to hold a very special place in both your hearts and the jewellery box. So be all set to dazzle your look with our bangle set for saree! Be it a modern chic look or an ever-green traditional appearance, we have intricately designed bangles for each event and occasion!
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