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5 Amazing South Indian Designer Bridal Jewellery!

5 Amazing South Indian Designer Bridal Jewellery!

Brides love to keep customizing their looks to flaunt the best wedding dress, jewellery and other accessories they have got. Why not? It is your big day and makes it more important and special that you invest in some drool worthy South Indian designer bridal jewellery that is surely going to turn heads around. Don’t wait! Let’s check out some stunning bridal jewellery inspired by the rich Southern Indian heritage and culture!

1. Beautiful Lakshmi Haram Necklace Set

This stunning piece of South Indian designer bridal jewellery is going to make you skip a heartbeat. So magnanimous & so purely elegant. Made with finesse to give you the royal look you deserve on your big day! Rock your wedding day, with our 26-inch striking necklace set that derives inspiration from the Goddess Lakshmi herself. It is also studded with synthetic stones adding more glitter and glamour to your overall charming look. south indian bridal designer jewellery For a better, comfortable fit, the necklace comes with a drawing string. Not just this, the earrings are handcrafted with special care & design that matches your main statement jewellery. Gold plated earrings depict the Goddess Lakshmi miniatures, overall it is around 2.2 inches and has a push-back lock for a secure and easy fit.

2. Gold Leaf Openable Bangle Set

Its sleek design married off with criss-cross leaf carvings is a show-stealer! It is gold plated and has synthetic  pearls attached to it in a symmetrical format. Undeniably, the touch, finesse, and even the look from afar will make anybody come closer & have clear observation of it. Flaunt your inner diva with both eyes & heart capturing South Indian designer bridal jewellery. south indian bridal designer jewellery Let’s add an unmatched elegance to your bridal look & make you look out of this world. Brides make a quick note, if you are looking to cherish these traditional nitty gritty on your wedding day, then this bangle set is calling out your name!

3. Pearl Drop Chandbaali Earring

Our South Indian brides look nothing less than a Goddess on their big day. And to add just that regal charming look, this piece of jewellery suits them well. It would also match well with your Kanjeevaram saree or even a silk saree for that matter. Though there are a variety of options when it comes to earrings but Chandbaali earrings would make a big difference. It is neither heavy nor loosely fit. It comes with synthetic pearls and a gold plating. And the push-back locking gives this South Indian designer bridal jewellery of yours a secured fit.

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4. Antique Gold Adjustable Ring

Finger rings are an important part of South Indian designer bridal jewellery. These come in different sizes and shapes. Our diva brides have a lot of options to choose from - either lightweight or a heavier ones as per their comfort. As you can see from its intricate design, it has been totally handcrafted to give that finesse. Giving all the elegant & composed look to your overall demeanour. Not only this, this timeless piece is completely adjustable. 

5. Grand Broad Flower Hand Cuff Bangle/Kada

Without wearing a signature kada, the accessories of a south Indian bride are incomplete. They accentuate your look and other jewellery as well. As you can see from the design, it is handcrafted to look broad and wide.  In a way, this South Indian designer bridal jewellery is meant to stand out! And why not, every bride deserves to show off the main wedding accessory that is sure to turn heads around. We have always said that any jewellery is like a spice, perfectly blends and complements an overall look. And when it comes to dazzling South Indian designer bridal jewellery, the above ones match the resplendent beauty of our gorgeous brides to be!
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